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3 Tips for Significantly Better Business Security

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Access Control, Locksmith Services

Security has multiple layers when it comes to businesses. Commercial clients of ours aren’t only concerned with doors and locks – they’re concerned about the protection of belongings and data. Regardless of the type of business you own or work for, there’s always room for improvement with your security. Here are some tips to keep your business up-to-date for the best protection:

Frequently Change Your Locks

Changing your locks fairly often decreases your chances of compromised security. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Employees that are fired, laid off, etc. can still have access to areas they shouldn’t have access to
  • Stolen or lost keys can be found by outsiders and copied
  • It’s important to keep track of who has access to what – the more people you hand keys off to, the harder it is to keep it secure

Additionally, locks that should be changed regularly are not limited to just basic doors. It’s important to consider also monitoring and/or changing mailbox locks, safes, and file cabinets as well.

Access – Physical AND Data Security

Security spans both physical (doors, locks, etc.) and data (computer, passwords, etc.) realms. Just as you control access to keys, locations, and files, you should consider the same approach for data.

Only certain employees should have access to specific areas, passwords, and documents. For physical security, this can be done via a master key system or even card readers.

This thinking can help prevent most types of internal security issues, and creating systems for this type of security is easy with the help of a consultant. This consultant can include IT, access control, or a locksmith. You can occasionally find companies that incorporate all of these aspects (like Anderson’s)!

Update, Train, and Track

Believe it or not, basic computer knowledge can be hard to come by depending on your line of work. Some employees might not know to prevent computer viruses! Basic training for data security is simple, easy, and increases protection.

Additionally, consider walking through closing procedures regularly with employees. This helps ensure that all employees have the same understanding of what needs to be closed, locked, and secured. Failure to train these basic routines is often the culprit of compromised security.

Another note: keep it fresh! You’ll want to make sure all procedures, hardware, and software are consistently updated. Keep your doors, locks, and computers in good health by making this routine a habit.

Looking for better security?

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