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4 Times You’ll Need to Call a 24 Hour Locksmith in Phoenix, AZ

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Locksmith Services

We’ve all been there — locking yourself out and panic settles in. There’s a reason why 24-hour locksmiths, like Anderson Lock & Safe, are and have been around for decades. However, aside from lockouts, there are actually a few situations where you might need to contact your local 24/7 locksmith in Phoenix, AZ. Here’s what these situations might look like:

When your lock breaks, you need protection ASAP.

If your lock is broken, this leaves you unprotected and vulnerable. Not only is it a risk, but it can be scary! Whether your broken lock is keeping you from entering your home or allowing anyone to enter 24/7, your local 24-hour locksmith can fix what’s wrong in order to get your security back on top.

When your key breaks… INSIDE your lock.

So not only do you now have a door that won’t open, but you also have some metal stuck inside keeping you from going about your day (or night). Whatever you do, do NOT try to mess with it. This can end up causing more issues. Your best bet is to call your local 24-hour locksmith, who has all the tools necessary to get the issue fixed ASAP.

When there’s evidence of a break-in.

If there’s damage to your door or any sign of forced entry, you’ll want to change your locks and get this fixed immediately. This includes a situation where you left your door locked, then came home to find your doors unlocked. The two parties you need to call are both the police as well as a 24-hour locksmith.

In certain situations, you may need to get ahold of your landlord or property manager. In some cases, property maintenance can come and go and will often forget to lock doors. Either way, you’ll need to reassess the security of your home with the help of a locksmith.

When you’ve had your belongings stolen, or your security is compromised.

Unfortunately, fate is not always kind. Sometimes you lose your keys, or sometimes they’re stolen along with other items such as a wallet or key ring left in your car. Regardless of the situation, if the security of your home or vehicle is compromised to any capacity, you’ll want to get that taken care of ASAP. A 24-hour locksmith is perfect for this scenario and will be sure to provide plenty of morale boost and peace of mind.

Looking for a 24-hour locksmith in Phoenix, AZ?

Anderson Lock & Safe has been securing Phoenix and the entire state of Arizona for 54 years and counting. We’d love to help you with ANY and ALL emergencies that come your way. If you have an emergency, always CALL rather than use our online service request form. Our system allows you to speak directly with our on-call road technician after hours (5 PM-8 AM, weekends).

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