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4 Tips For Opening Your Front Door Without Keys

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Locksmith Services

If there’s a will, there’s a way. At some point or another, we all lose our house keys every once in a while. Lost keys create numerous amount of problems, but the biggest issue is getting back inside. Finding a way back inside is the first step.

Scavenger Hunt – The Search for the Spare Key

Spare keys are easily forgotten and sometimes cycle through multiple people. Retrace your steps and consider who may be in possession of your spare, if it’s not hidden somewhere on your property. This could be family, an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, or even a babysitter.

If you aren’t a homeowner, your landlord or maintenance team should have a copy of your key. It’s always best to contact this person or your leasing office, first.

Can’t figure out where your spare is? Time to move on to the next option!

Around the Door?

It’s not recommended, but if you have any tools available you can attempt to open the door yourself. This can damage the hardware, and you will still need help from a professional after the job is done.

If there’s room to fit a tool in between the door, you can attempt to flip the thumb turn (door switch) on the other side. This also, unfortunately, only works with certain types of doors and locks. However, you might have a different door or window that this could work with! The next step is to take a closer look around.

Take a Lap

The front door is not the only way to enter a home. Check all doors and windows on your property – there’s always a chance another door or window was left unlocked. Wiggle around some handles, and see what might be able to be worked around. Check everything you can, and if you’re out of luck, you’ll want to call in the experts.

Call a Locksmith!

For peace of mind and professional work, it might be best to call a locksmith. Your local locksmith can get you back in your home in minutes, AND re-key your door with brand new key copies. This is the all-around best choice to prevent any damage to your home, and secure it properly after you’re inside.

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