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We are Excited to Welcome Hicks Safe and Lock to the Anderson Family!

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5 Fun Facts About Safes

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Safes

Safes are a foreign concept to some, and a household staple for others. Common sense, especially with safes, is not so common! Security and safety come with a lot of extended knowledge, whether it’s the locks on your home or investing in a safe. Here are some fun, interesting facts about safes that you might not have known before.

There’s a reason they aren’t openly talked about.

If you were storing some major valuables in your home, you probably wouldn’t be telling your friends about it. Putting out into the universe that you have a safe is a security risk. As much as you might be tempted to brag about such a huge purchase, show restraint. For precaution, especially don’t disclose the location of your safe. Anyone could be listening! The knowledge of a safe in your home can come with some consequences – your safe isn’t impenetrable.

Safes are invincible! Right?

Actually, nothing is completely invincible. Safes can still be broken into, although it isn’t very easy. Location, brand, and quality all play into how “safe” your safe is. The overall security in your home, i.e. door and window locks, also determines how secure a safe is.

Fire and burglary ratings are important for safes as well. As previously mentioned, the placement of a safe is essential. At Anderson’s, we help our customers with these concerns with our safe buyer’s guide.

Not all safes are created equal

When in doubt, always invest the most you can in a safe. A cheap safe is a useless safe and offers little to no protection for your belongings. With lower-end safes, you bring attention to the fact that you have valuables in your home and leave them in even greater danger. Consult an expert and shop around with security experts, rather than your local Costco.

Bolting is essential

Just as you anchor your furniture, you’ll want to bolt down your safe. Although safes are heavy, they can be a risk around children and especially burglars. With a safe bolt down, your safe cannot be removed from your home without help from an expert. In many cases, you may even purchase a home with a safe still in it! However, professional locksmiths or safe movers can move your safe if needed.

Not all locksmiths specialize in safes – both sales and labor!

Every locksmith seems to have their specialties – safe moves and sales are not always standard. Many mobile-only locksmiths don’t have the expertise for safe maintenance, or the materials. Safes are a whole other ballgame, so it’s best to make sure your local locksmith has an expert on their team.

Looking for safe experts in Phoenix, AZ?

Anderson Lock & Safe is your one-stop shop for all locksmith needs. We handle automotive, commercial, residential, and safe work. Anderson’s also offers access control services! Read more about our safe locksmith services, our FAQ, or schedule now!

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