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Benefits of WiFi Enabled Locks

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Access Control, Locksmith Services

Technology has advanced our lives in so many ways. In the locksmith and access control world, technology provides both security and convenience. What if you could unlock your door with your phone? What if this is one of the best ways to secure your home? With Wi-Fi-enabled locks, anything is possible.

Your Keys = Your Phone

Losing your keys is a thing of the past! WiFi door locks, or smart locks, allow you to keep things organized. If your phone dies, most WiFi door locks also have access codes associated with them, or sometimes a key override as well. No matter what, you’ll always be able to enter your home with ease.

Activity Tracking

With WiFi-enabled door locks, you can view an activity feed that shows both who and what time doors are locked or unlocked. If you have children or roommates, you can see when they get home from school or work. Additionally, you can provide temporary access to babysitters, painters, or whoever you’d like to have entered your home. This is especially convenient if you are not there! Tracking door activity is a great way to maintain security and increase safety for your home or apartment.

Advanced Extras

Most smart locks have the ability to sync to other products such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Assistant. With a WiFi door lock setup, you can also use other home automation features. This can include changing the lighting and the temperature in your home or apartment from your phone as well. Some WiFi-enabled door locks also take photos of people at your doorstep, so you can either see who is at your door or who came by while you were away.

Top-Notch Security

Tools like password security and voice command are extremely high-security compared to standard keys. Not only are smart locks the most efficient, but they are considered the most secure. If you don’t have a set of physical keys, there’s no chance of them being duplicated or stolen. WiFi-enabled locks typically have deadbolts, which makes your home or apartment extremely difficult to break into.

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