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Floor Safes – Pros, Cons, and Additional Info

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Safes

For the ultimate concealment of your valuables and prized possessions, you may have considered a floor safe for your home. A floor safe is installed into the floor of your home, oftentimes in the concrete foundation. But why are they worth (or not worth) investing in?

Floor Safe Pros – Why to Invest

These safes are PERFECT for protection against burglary. Because of the safe’s concealment, and often odd location in the home, this is hard to reach for theft.

These safes, often drilled and installed into the concrete foundation of your home, can be concealed in a number of places. A few examples are tiles, furniture, and rugs. Your safe installer will work with you to determine not only the locations possible but also what’s most feasible and ideal for your needs.

When installed properly, these safes are essentially impossible to move. Burglars or home invaders won’t even bother tampering or trying to remove them. They also are not as common, so most won’t even know where to begin looking for them. Each floor safe location is also entirely unique to the home depending on its foundation. This, again, deters theft.

These safes don’t have to have manual locks, either. Floor safes are available with electronic locks or even drop slots to make storing things easy without hassle.

Floor Safe Cons – Things to Know

Since these safes are concealed so well, they aren’t great for keeping items that you use every day. Lots of kneeling and bending can get tiring, so make sure you plan ahead for the location of your safe and what you intend to keep inside of it.

MOST floor safes are not fire or waterproof, so you may want to consider how you store the items in the safe. If you have important documents, make sure to use waterproof packaging around them to protect the items inside.

Installation can also get… messy. Unless this is being built directly into a new home, this will require tearing up some flooring and concrete to get the job done. The installation of your floor safe is an investment in itself. However, with the right safe professionals/locksmiths, this major project can be done with ease.

Additional Facts & Info

Do you own a home with a floor safe in it? Congratulations, you also now own its contents! Floor safes are a fun place to find buried treasure. However, it’s courteous to make the old homeowner (especially in a recent sale) aware of the safe finding. You always want to be sure before opening that there isn’t sensitive content (i.e. birth certificates, social security cards, etc.).

Safe professionals can help you open the safe, so avoid opening it with brute force. Brute force works with much older floor safes, but it’s always a better idea to give your local locksmith a call. These experts can also help you determine if a floor safe, or another type, is the best option for your valuables and needs.

Looking to purchase or install a floor safe in Arizona?

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