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Home Automation – How Does It Work?

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Access Control, Locksmith Services

Ever hear the term “home automation” in casual conversation with friends or family? Well, you’re more likely to hear from a friend about how someone in your social circle recently turned their home into a “smart home”. What exactly is a smart home? What does “home automation” mean and what does it do for your home?

Home Automation – The Basics

Home automation is the control of locks, temperature, lights, cameras, and more features in your home from a remote device. All of these features can be controlled from one place, or multiple if you have both a smartphone and a tablet.

The difference between a smart home and a device that is “smart”, is the idea that all controls can be accessed on the same interface.

Access and Remote Control

Access and remote monitoring of your home is not only a great convenience but also a fantastic way to keep your home safe even when you’re not there. Any device with a connection to wi-fi can allow you to view and completely control all smart home attributes. The setup for these devices is also relatively simple. When setting up your home automation system, a walkthrough of how it works is expected. Locksmiths that specialize in access control will show you how to register devices, connect your system, and provide advice on how to troubleshoot issues on your own.

Devices – Security and Notifications

The apps used to connect your devices to your home provide a wealth of great information about the security of your home. Connected devices will provide information on the current status of your system as well as a detailed history. From your devices, you can check whether or not the front door was locked. The devices will also tell you if you’ve left your lights on. These are just a few examples of how a home can be monitored from afar.

With home automation, notifications can be customized to be sent to a connected device under different circumstances. For example, let’s say whenever the front door is unlocked, you’d like to receive a text message or email. This is entirely possible thanks to your smart home system. Additionally, there is the option to set schedules for unlocking doors, adjusting a thermostat, or turning on lights.

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