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Scam Locksmiths – What They Are and How to Avoid Them

by | May 27, 2020 | Locksmith Services

Locksmith scams are a trend in our industry that plagues the internet and desperate customers. Your first instinct when you’re locked out of your home or car is to panic, understandably. Scam locksmiths take advantage of this and capitalize on your emergencies. Once you know how to spot scams, you’ll know how to avoid them.

What Do Scam Locksmiths Look Like?

When you see these locksmiths in search results, they may be the first to pop up. Depending on where you’re located, and your search history, Google caters search results to you personally! These scam locksmiths will often pay for ad space on Google for specific types of searches (mostly emergency related).

In the midst of your panic, it’s important to do your research on the company. It’s easy to just call the first phone number you see, but oftentimes, this is how people get scammed.

These locksmiths may charge a very-low service call charge (i.e. $15-20 service call). Sounds great, right? Sure, until they charge you 3-5x the standard amount for your lockout on-site. While you’re on-site after someone’s just helped you get back into your car or home, it’s hard to say “no” or “that doesn’t sound right”. Not only are you given an unfair price, but now you’re in an awkward situation.

  • “Real” locksmiths charge $50-$95 for a service call, then charge for labor to get you back inside your home or vehicle.
  • Depending on the lockout, if you’re just trying to get back inside, the labor charge might not apply.
  • Service call prices vary on the company and the time of day/day of the week – some locksmiths have overtime hours on nights and weekends that charge more.

It’s important to keep these tips in mind when you’re on the lookout for a locksmith. But how exactly can you avoid scams?

How to Avoid Scams?

When it comes to locksmiths, there’s a lot of specific knowledge of the service that a majority of people are not familiar with.

As we’ve mentioned before, do your research. Make sure your quoted price matches the standard price of a locksmith service that would cost. If it’s insanely cheap, don’t believe it!

We’ve also mentioned briefly the tactics these companies use with Google. Google does not always manage ads and the credibility of businesses correctly. If the reviews for these companies say similar things over and over (same wording), they are likely bought or falsified reviews.

To avoid scams, you can also refer to friends, family, and landlords. It’s likely someone you know has locked themselves out of a car or home at one point or another. They’ve probably been through the same experience, so ask around!

Most importantly, stay calm and don’t make any rash decisions. Someone will be there to help you and picking the right person for the job is extremely important. Not only will the right locksmith get you back into your home or vehicle, but they’ll provide you great peace of mind with a smile.

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