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What is a Master Key System?

by | May 6, 2020 | Locksmith Services

Whether you own a business or you are a key holder employee, you may have heard the term “master key”. What exactly is a master key, and how does the system work? What are the benefits, and who should I hire?

Master Key – Overview

A master key system is a plan for keys associated with locks across a business or property. Master keys are typically used for commercial purposes. The actual master key itself usually refers to a singular or set of keys that can open most, if not all doors. These keys are given to supervisors and key holders. The system applies to both singular buildings as well as multiple locations.

Security with Master Key

This set of keys is much more than just, well, a set of keys. Locksmiths tailor a master key system to the needs and anticipated growth of your business. Whether you’re concerned about security with your employees, or you’re worried about cost, your local locksmith will assist with all of the ins and outs. Here are some benefits of including a master key system for your business:


Holding your employees accountable and knowing who has access to what areas is extremely important. This key system allows you to keep track of accessibility to certain employees, which greatly improves internal security. This also makes locks and keys easier to switch when you can narrow down which employees have access, just in case an employee is let go or fired.


Since master key systems are finely planned and custom-made to fit your business, the plan can account for major changes. Whether you’re adding a location or a large number of new employees, the system is perfect for any and all changes.

Integration and Customization

Master key systems can be integrated with access control systems. Not only are both great options for optimal internal security, but they offer amazing benefits for convenience and even emergencies. Key clips, types of keys, etc. can vary and help you customize the look and feel of your system.


A master key system allows supervisors and employees to access the business or property on their own time. Forget your house keys at the office? Now, this employee can have access without a second or third person to go back. This is great for emergencies, as well. Having a single key makes it easier to replace if lost, and the owner is less likely to lose just one key.

Great, now who do I hire?

Most local locksmiths should be proficient in the master key system. However, for commercial purposes, only a few are experts. Always call to see what their typical clients look like (residential, emergencies, automotive, etc.).

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