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Access Control & Security Services

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Access Control & Security Services

Hands-Free and Worry-Free. We’ll Secure Your Home, Business, and Other Property

Call us today to discuss your project and we’ll work with you to provide the best security and access control solutions for your needs and budget.

access control system key card and access pad.

Card Access

As technology advances, card readers are becoming the go-to access method for businesses both large and small. A card reader access control system is perfect for saving on costs, increased convenience, and top-notch security. Access control allows the management and authorization of badge access, key fob access, remote credentials and audit trails for every employee. We take care of the rest!

door buzzer system with intercom and camera

Door Buzzer Systems

Door buzzer systems offer great protection for homeowners and commercial properties alike. Whether you need access control for one door or several, we have many stand-alone and integrated door buzzer systems available for an affordable price.

CCTV camera lens


Arizona access control has a lot of demands. Our experts will provide recommendations and develop a plan to target your security needs. In addition, we also consider your future CCTV needs in case of expansion. Our technology allows video surveillance systems to integrate with alarms, access control, and cash registers.

biometric fingerprint reader

Biometric Locks

For ultimate security and safety, we offer biometric locks. With these locks, you can authorize users through fingerprints in addition to a pin number. These types of locks provide a great convenience along with phenomenal security. We handle all installation and setup, so you can keep your business or home running smoothly.

keypad lock installation phoenix arizona

Keypad Locks

Keypad locks, also known as combination or digital locks, have revolutionized the way we secure our homes and businesses. These innovative devices eliminate the need for traditional keys, offering a convenient and keyless entry method. Users can gain access by entering a predetermined numeric code on the keypad, providing a customizable and easily changeable security solution.

Electrified exit devices

Electrified Hardware

Electrified door hardware seamlessly integrates advanced technology with robust security features. This includes electrified locks, exit devices, and panic hardware, offering efficient and controlled entry and exit points. In emergencies, such as fires or security breaches, electrified panic devices provide a quick and secure means of egress, maintaining safety protocols.

We Aim To Educate as Well as Provide Excellent Customer Service

So you can feel 100% safe, secure, and in control, we provide in-depth product training for your new access control and security system, including routine programming and maintenance. We also provide ongoing support, so please call us with any questions!

Modern Access Control for Your Home or Business in Phoenix, AZ

At Anderson Lock and Safe, we offer access control systems designed and implemented by one of the oldest, largest, and most professional locksmiths in the Phoenix area. Our “hands-free and worry-free” technology goes far beyond basic card access systems, including biometric identification such as face recognition or fingerprint locks, prox fobs and pin pads, and more. Our access control installations are 100% guaranteed on products and labor, provided with our traditional focus on customer service, honesty, respect, and dependability. As your access control integrator, we’ll be glad to discuss your options and the levels of security that you require, and quote specific configurations for your consideration. Door entry systems can be combined with video surveillance, alarm systems, Aiphone and door buzzer systems, and other features that secure your premises and yet provide ease of access for authorized personnel.

Connecting the Dots for Building Access Control

Access Control systems

Depending on your needs and budget, we can design and install an access control system for your property that uses key cards/fobs (top), biometric devices that recognize fingerprints and faces (middle), and/or video door buzzers (bottom).

Managing electronic door locks, electric strike mechanisms, and maglocks gives you touchless access to your secure areas and mobility within your premises that keeps business activities flowing. At entry points to the building, door entry systems provide pre-authorized access, and Aiphone or door buzzer systems provide safe ways for personnel to screen visitors. Combining CCTV helps monitor incoming traffic to your building, and can be also used to monitor alarmed exit devices for safety and security. A significant advantage of all our access control systems is dynamic management of access permissions, whether it’s a simple smart lock installation or a full door access control system, you’re in control. Unlike key-based systems, you don’t need to revoke a physical item or change the locks physically to manage your security.

Door Access Control Using Advanced Screening Techniques

Anderson Lock and Safe identity verification systems include biometric devices that recognize unique physical characteristics such as faces and fingerprints, along with card readers, prox fobs, and other physical tokens used to gain access. Pin pads allow entry of a personal or general code for access, with no physical access token required. Biometric devices can be combined with other types of multi-factor access control systems that increase security. As an alternative to keypad-based door locks for single use, we have fingerprint locks that allow authorized users “touch and go” secure entry.

Video Surveillance Adds Accountability and Tracking

Especially useful for entry and exit monitoring, video surveillance is available with a variety of technologies for easy installation and integration with access control systems. Combining card access systems, for example, with video IP surveillance provides a record of the person gaining access for later review. CCTV installation is performed in a secure manner, with tamper-proof methods and hardware. In combination with Aiphone or door buzzer systems, the identity of the visitor seeking access can be observed and recorded, while the personnel performing the screening are at a safe distance from the door.

Improve and Control Efficient Movement Within Your Facility

The right combination of card access, prox fobs, and other touchless identification methods can make it easy for rapidly moving workers such as production personnel to pass through doors. A quick touch of the identification token releases a maglock or similar device, and even movement involving carts or carried loads is easy and well-managed. Electronic door locks for offices, storerooms, and testing areas can provide targeted security and enhance asset control. Once again, CCTV installation in key areas can augment security and provide a record of the actual person gaining access.

An Experienced Access Control System Integrator

Our experts can recommend access control strategies and devices that we’ve found are suitable for companies such as yours and provide case histories of how they enhance productivity and security at the same time. Whether you’re looking for a full building access control management system, or are starting with video surveillance and keypad locks, our experienced team of locksmiths and technicians will provide access control installation that’s secure and reliable. It’s essential that these systems be installed with protection against video camera vandalism, physical access to security wiring, and other attempts to defeat or disable the system.

Access Control for Homes, Apartments, and Other Properties

From large homes with multiple buildings to manage, to apartment buildings, office buildings, and retail properties in Phoenix, AZ, Anderson Lock and Safe access control systems help manage access to properties by visitors, residents, employees, and vendors. Specific devices are even perfect for a vacation property and short-term rental management. Remote video surveillance and permission management help to centralize property management and other activities for greater organizational efficiency. Ease of authorized access also enhances customer satisfaction. Count on our experts to design an integrated system or specific devices and applications for your home or managed property. Call us today for more information!

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