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Lock Rekeying

Rekeying Is a Convenient and Affordable Way to Change Your Locks

If you don’t know who might have keys to your car, home, office, or other important locks, a call to Anderson Lock and Safe for lock rekeying can provide certainty. You can change the entire lock if you want to, but that can be an expensive endeavor. Instead, our expert locksmiths can rekey the lock cylinder so it works with a brand-new key. It’s a perfect solution for new homeowners, landlords who change the lock after each tenant leaves, or business owners who want to prevent past employees from accessing the property.

Lock rekeying can also add convenience by converting multiple locks so they use the same key, such as front and back door locks. At Anderson Lock and Safe, we’ve been rekeying locks and providing other professional locksmith services throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan Area since 1966. We offer a 100% guarantee on our products and labor. We also offer discounts for veterans. When it’s urgent to get your locks rekeyed or you need any of our other mobile locksmith services such as unlocks, we’re ready to respond. Our 24/7 emergency mobile locksmith service can be arranged by phone, and we also offer routine online appointment scheduling. Let us provide the great customer service, honesty, respect, and dependability that one of the oldest, largest, and most professional locksmiths in the Phoenix area provides. We’re Anderson Lock and Safe, experts at lock rekeying.

When we rekey a lock we remove the lock cylinder and replace the pins so the lock works with a new key. Here you see the cylinder with the new key in it and the variety of pins we have to work with.

Commercial Lock Rekeying for Updated Security

Have you ever lost an important key to your business? Do you know who might have it? What about ex-employees, suppliers, or anyone else who might have a key or even have made a copy? Periodic lock rekeying can help you ensure that only authorized users have keys to your inventory, files, offices, or work area. Our Anderson Lock and Safe mobile locksmiths can respond 24/7 to make a quick change when you have concerns. Lock rekeying is a simple process, involving changing the “bite” of the lock to match a new key, and making plenty of keys for you if needed. In some cases, replacing the cylinder provides the same effect, and renews the basic mechanism of the lock at the same time. Changing the locks is actually much easier than a full lock replacement, so we encourage you to consider it a primary security solution for your business.

Easily Change the Locks on Your Home or Apartments

Changing the locks on your house is straightforward, and an excellent idea for new homeowners. Our mobile locksmiths can quickly rekey the locks if you’ve lost your house keys, with 24/7 emergency service if needed for your protection. We also can rekey locks to use the same key, a convenient feature that allows you to use the same key for the front and back doors. We rekey home locks and make new keys, and do the same for apartments when property managers are performing unit turnover for a new tenant. There’s no need to bother with a whole new lock assembly and installation, repainting, or other details when our locksmith can change the function of the lock without affecting the appearance. We handle preferred brands for apartment doors like Schlage, Kwikset, Baldwin, Medeco, and more. Real estate professionals rely on us for all their lock and key needs, including convenient rekeying of residential door locks while maintaining the matched styling of the lock and other door hardware. As an experienced locksmith for houses, we also provide lock replacement including high-security locks and deadbolts. Rekeyed locks work the same and use similar keys with a different pattern cut in them.

Reasonable Rekeying Lock Cost

Do you have concerns about your security? Don’t let cost keep you from taking action. Rekeying your home or business locks is a straightforward process with a reasonable cost, easily performed as an emergency service to provide continued security or as part of a scheduled visit by our experienced locksmith. We schedule visits by phone or online and can quote packages of services including rekeyed locks for a security update for your property. Whether you need lock rekeying at a home, condo, apartment, or business in the Phoenix area, you can count on Anderson Lock and Safe for dependable, affordable locksmith services.

Your Skilled, Mobile, Full-Service Locksmith in the Phoenix, AZ Area

As one of the oldest, largest, and most professional locksmiths in the Phoenix area, we provide easy access to lock rekeying, help with lockouts, and changing locks along with lock repair for vehicles, homes, businesses, and more. Our team is on the road 24 hours a day, ready to respond when you need us urgently. Call Anderson Lock and Safe for quick service or schedule online at your convenience.