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If you’re a government agency looking for locksmithing, access control, or safe services, we are your company. GSA Approval or Certification is given to companies that have been officially certified to offer to the US Government. This process is through the U.S. General Administrations Organization (GSA). The GSA is the buying division of the government. 

Anderson Lock and Safe employs ten technicians that are GSA Certified on the Kaba-Mas X-10 Lock. Each technician is proficient in knowing:

  • Where the X-10 is used.
  • Proper installation.
  • Dialing open the X-10
  • Modes of operation
  • Combination changing
  • Changing the combination with the serial number
  • Audit Features
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Differences between the X-10 and the X-09
KABA MAS GSA certificate and x-10 high-security combination lock

Here’s what an official KABA MAS GSA Certificate looks like, and a KABA MAS X-10 high-security combination lock dial with a backlit digital screen.