We are Excited to Welcome Hicks Safe and Lock to the Anderson Family!
We are Excited to Welcome Hicks Safe and Lock to the Anderson Family!

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Car Key Replacement

The Right Car Keys and Fobs, Professionally Cut and Programmed

At Anderson Lock and Safe, our locksmith service provides car key replacement for most makes and models, as needed or with related services that require new keys. At our two local showrooms in Phoenix and Casa Grande, we’re able to make keys for domestic cars and foreign cars, classic vehicles, and sophisticated new automobiles with advanced locking systems. As one of the oldest, largest, and most professional locksmiths in the Phoenix area, our locksmith services are based on the values of customer service, honesty, respect, and dependability. There’s a 100% guarantee on products and labor, and discounts are available for veterans. The versatility of our in-house automotive key generation and key fob replacement capabilities will help you ensure that you have spare keys available that work reliably and last a long time.

We’re Experts at Car Key Programming

Anderson Lock and Safe car key replacement

Our locksmiths can handle all your car key and fob replacement needs. We can cut automotive flip keys (top) and program a new fob (bottom) in our two showroom locations.

If you’re looking for a car key copy for your lost car keys, chances are it’s more than just a precision-cut key blank. There’s electronic signaling included to ensure that your car and key connect in a secure fashion. Our car key locksmith team provides intelligent keys, prox keys, transponder, and remote head keys along with other security mechanisms, and can reflash your car computer to match. Let us make new car keys for you to replace lost car keys, and create a key fob replacement to go with them. Our key fob programming makes it easy to replace one that’s damaged or missing, along with your keys for domestic cars and foreign car key replacements. When you need new keys, remotes, and fobs made don’t go to the dealership. Give us a call and not only will our mobile service come to you, but our prices will also be much more reasonable.

Key Fob Programming and Replacement

Plastic key fobs tend not to last as long as the keys they’re attached to, so you’ll be glad to know that we provide an alternative to gluing or taping them back together. A new key fob, programmed for your vehicle, looks better on your key ring as well and works beautifully. If your key fob has failed and there are no signs of damage, perhaps it’s just a worn-out battery that’s the cause. We do key fob battery replacement in-house as well, and that could revive your existing key fob. While you’re visiting, why not have a couple of duplicate car keys made to stash in your home as spares? Our car key replacement cost is reasonable and can help you avoid lockouts, provide backups on long trips, and ensure that you don’t let someone else drive your car with your only set.

Car Key Locksmiths Cut Great Keys

An essential part of automotive key generation is the precision cutting of each key. As locksmiths, we know lock mechanisms and ensure that your key is cut to fit and last. If you have a classic car or an older model, your ignition lock and key may be worn, and our locksmiths can make sure that they fit and operate reliably. It takes experience to do lost key replacement and other services, where using the lock itself as a template may be necessary. There may be other places to replace car keys near me that you can find, but you won’t find a better set of replacement car keys than the ones we cut for you.

Getting New Car Keys After Rekeying

For damaged locks, after title transfer, or for other reasons, you may have our locksmith rekey your car’s locks. You’ll then need new sets of keys, which we can make for you as a fresh start. Whether they’re remote head keys, smart keys for cars, prox keys, intelligent keys, or any other security method including plain, old-school keys, they’ll work beautifully for you in the rekeyed locks. Don’t forget to get any key fob replacements that you need as well.

Your Auto Locksmith Serving the Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Anderson Lock and Safe is your car key replacement source near me, throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Let us help you keep spare keys handy and replace lost keys with ones that you can depend on, call today!