We are Excited to Welcome Hicks Safe and Lock to the Anderson Family!
We are Excited to Welcome Hicks Safe and Lock to the Anderson Family!

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Ignition Repair

Our Car Locksmiths Offer Ignition Repair

If you’ve ever gotten into your car and turned the key, only to have the car not start, you know what fast, reliable ignition repair is worth. Getting a skilled mobile car ignition locksmith out to assess reasons why an ignition isn’t working, and to get it fixed as quickly as possible, means the world to stranded motorists and businesses that depend on reliable vehicles to operate. Anderson Lock and Safe is an expert car ignition repair locksmith in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, and we’re here to help you out of a jam when you need us.

Our car locksmiths can repair a wide range of automotive ignitions in foreign and domestic cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs.

Problems With Your Car Ignition

A lot can go wrong with your car key ignition, and most of the more common problems can leave you stuck in a parking lot or at home, unable to go anywhere. If you’ve ever put the key in the ignition and turned it, only to feel that worrying snap as the key breaks off in the tumblers, you’ve probably wondered what to do next. You might also have tried to turn the ignition with the key inside it, but the ignition switch is stuck and won’t turn, there could be an obstruction in the column or a broken component inside the ignition itself.

Sometimes you put the key in and it turns just fine, but there’s no contact and the vehicle won’t start. While this is unpleasant for a family car that’s stuck in the driveway at home, it can be a disaster for a commercial vehicle your company depends on to move cargo or passengers around town. If the switch turns and you get a weak revving or a worrying clicking noise, that could be an engine issue, or it could be yet another problem with the ignition itself. Anderson Lock and Safe offer ignition services that include diagnosing problems with your car or truck’s ignition and performing expert ignition switch repairs right there in the field.

Services We Provide

We are a professional local locksmith with training and experience in all kinds of automotive work. Services we offer for customers in the Phoenix area include:

  • Troubleshooting ignition problems
  • Ignition switch repair
  • Ignition replacement

We start our repair work by giving your ignition a thorough assessment to work out what may have gone wrong with it. Using the most advanced tools and techniques, we diagnose common problems that happen to ignitions, from stuck and broken keys to failure-to-start issues and electronic or mechanical faults of all kinds. Our service is one of the oldest, largest, and most professional locksmiths in Phoenix and Maricopa County, and we take pride in getting the right answers for you about your ignition issues, and in doing a great job the first time.

If we can fix what’s wrong with your ignition, we’ll have you back on the road in no time. We can remove and repair ignition switches in just a few minutes, freeing stuck and broken ignition keys or rekeying the inner workings to get it functional again. We can rekey switches to match new keys, or we can grind you a copy of your old key right there in the field.

It sometimes happens that an ignition is just worn out, or that it can’t be repaired and reinstalled. That’s when we can replace ignition switches from our large supply of high-quality hardware that comes with a strong warranty and our guarantee the job will be done right. We stand by our work on every job, and if we have to replace your ignition, we guarantee it will work great when you slide into the driver’s seat and turn the key. Whether you need a simple fix, an involved repair, or total replacement of an unfixable ignition, the pros at Anderson Lock and Safe have got you covered.

Professional Ignition Repair in Phoenix

Anderson Lock and Safe are one of the most respected locksmith names in the Phoenix area. We have years of experience with every type of automotive locksmith issue your car could have. We work on family cars, sports cars, vintage automobiles, and commercial fleets alike, and we have the training and the tools to fix the ignitions on all vehicle makes and models. We are emergency mobile locksmiths who put a focus on customer service, honesty, respect, and the dependability you need when your vehicle won’t start. We are available 24 hours a day, any time that you need us, and we offer special pricing for veterans. Give us a call or contact us online today for a free quote and emergency dispatch for your ignition repair service.