We are Excited to Welcome Hicks Safe and Lock to the Anderson Family!
We are Excited to Welcome Hicks Safe and Lock to the Anderson Family!

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Smart Locks

We’re Your Local Smart Lock Installation & Repair Specialists

Smart locks give homeowners and business owners advanced convenience and control over property access. Our certified technicians will handle the entire installation process from assessing your doors, securely mounting the locks, wiring electrical components, testing, and teaching you how to use your new lock.

Three types of smart locks: keypad, wifi, and facial recognition.

We can install keypad smart locks on your front door (top), wifi-enabled models that you operate with your smartphone (middle), and even those high-end models that use facial recognition to grant access to your home or commercial facility (bottom).

We’re an authorized dealer and installer for top smart lock brands, including Kwikset, Yale, Schlage, and Medeco. Our locksmiths are fully certified and specially trained by each manufacturer to provide flawless installation and service. You can trust us to get your smart locks up and running properly.

Convenience and Control

Smart locks allow you to unlock doors through your smartphone, keypad code, or other methods for keyless convenience. Many models also let you remotely operate and monitor your locks and share virtual keys or access codes with others. Smart locks give property owners unmatched control and oversight.

Residential and Commercial Applications

Smart locks are useful for both homeowners who want convenience and business owners who want access control and records. We frequently install smart locks on front doors, garage exterior doors, office entries, storefront gates, and supply closets. The functionality crosses over between residential and commercial settings.

We’ll Help You Choose the Best Smart Lock for Your Needs

Let us know what features you’re interested in and where the smart lock will be installed and we will recommend the type best suited for your needs. We have expertise in a wide variety of smart lock types including:

  • Bluetooth-enabled smart locks – These models unlock when your smartphone’s Bluetooth is on and in close range.
  • WiFi-enabled smart locks – This type of smart lock is connected to your home internet via wifi, Bluetooth, or Z-Wave and you can access it remotely with your phone, tablet, or computer anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Keypad smart locks – On this type, you enter your PIN/access code through a built-in push-button keypad.
  • Digital touchscreen smart locks – These models have a flat digital screen where you enter your passcode.
  • Face and voice recognition smart locks – These high-end models use biometric information to activate the lock.

Integration With Home and Business Automation Networks and Security Systems

We don’t stop at the installation of your smart lock. Depending on the type you get, we will make sure it’s connected to and communicating with your smartphone, tablet, and computer for remote access. We can also network your smart locks with other systems like CCTV cameras, smart lighting, and thermostats for robust whole-home automation. On the commercial side, we can interface your smart locks with existing access control and security systems through software integration.

Smart Lock Brands We Offer

There are many brands and types of smart locks to choose from, but rest assured we’ll help you pick the best one for your needs and budget. The list of brands is long, so here are just a few of the top smart lock brands we work with for home and commercial use:

  • Kwikset – WiFi and keypad smart locks with Z-wave compatibility
  • Yale – Assure smart locks with app and keypad entry
  • Schlage – Z-wave and WiFi-enabled smart locks

A Smart Security Investment

Upgrading to smart locks represents a wise investment in both convenience and security for your property. You gain keyless entry, remote access control, and smart home or business integrations while maintaining the highest safety standards through professional installation.

Contact Anderson Lock and Safe at 602-973-0343 to learn more about our smart lock installation and integration services. We’ll help you choose options that meet your specific home or business needs while providing the latest in access control, convenience, and security. Our expert Phoenix area locksmith technicians have the smart lock brand experience and technical skills to ensure flawless installation.

Ongoing Support

Even after installation, you can rely on Anderson for any warranty issues, maintenance, upgrades, repairs, and remote support needed to keep your smart locks performing optimally. We’re your one-stop, start-to-finish provider.