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How to Get Back Into Your House When Locked Out

by | Nov 13, 2023 | Lockouts, Locksmith Services

It happens to everyone at some point: you head out the door, it locks behind you, and you realize your keys are still inside. Don’t panic; a lockout can happen to even the most organized person. The expert locksmiths at Anderson Lock and Safe are here to help you get back into your Phoenix area home quickly and safely if you find yourself unexpectedly locked out.

Don’t Panic, Phoenix Lockouts Happen

Take a deep breath, and rest assured that lockouts can happen to anyone. Being locked out of your home in Phoenix is definitely an inconvenience, but it’s not the end of the world. Our locksmiths respond to lockouts daily and can have you back inside your home in no time. The important thing is not to panic and avoid causing damage while trying to find your own way in.

Call the Experts at Anderson Lock and Safe for Safe Entry

As soon as you realize you’re locked out, call Anderson Lock and Safe at 602-842-4809 for professional assistance. With mobile locksmiths on call 24/7 for emergency situations, we’ll dispatch someone to get you back into your house efficiently. Our experienced locksmiths have all the latest tools and expertise to gain entry without injury or property damage.

Attempting to pick the locks or force your way in through a window on your own can result in broken locks, glass damage, or even injury. Don’t take chances – leave it to the professionals for a safe home entry.

Avoid Damaging Locks

Through extensive training and experience, Anderson Lock and Safe’s locksmiths have acquired the skills to unlock most common home door locks quickly and without any damage by expertly picking the lock mechanisms. We have lock picks that allow precision manipulation of the lock’s internal pins and springs. While lock picking looks easy on TV, it takes a deft, skilled touch in real life.

On higher-end, high-security locks, lock picking may not be possible. In those cases, we have alternate non-destructive methods such as “lock bumping” to open the lock reliably without ruining the hardware.

Either way, you can trust our locksmiths to get you back in while avoiding damage to your locks whenever feasible. Don’t risk breaking your locks trying do-it-yourself picking – leave it to the experts!

Get New Keys or Locks If Needed

If your lock cannot be preserved through non-destructive opening methods, or simply needs replacement due to age and wear, Anderson can provide and install brand new, high-quality locks. We carry trusted brands to match your existing hardware. We can also provide extra replacement keys or perform a full lock rekeying to prevent future lockouts.

Convenient Mobile Service Throughout the Phoenix Metro Area

Since being locked out is such an urgent situation, Anderson Lock and Safe provides mobile service to all homes in the Phoenix metro area. Our locksmiths come equipped with everything needed to get you back inside right away, whether through your locks or alternate secure access points. We understand the panic of a lockout, so we make customer service a priority and aim to alleviate your stress.

Don’t let a lockout ruin your day – keep our number handy and call Anderson Lock and Safe as soon as you find yourself on the wrong side of your front door. Our expert Phoenix locksmiths will spring into action to get you back into your home efficiently and affordably. We’ve been helping Phoenix residents through lockouts and a variety of other residential and commercial services since 1966. You can trust the knowledgeable professionals at Anderson Lock and Safe to come to your rescue quickly whenever you become locked out!