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We are Excited to Welcome Hicks Safe and Lock to the Anderson Family!

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Locked Your Keys in Your Car? Here’s What to Do Next

by | Dec 18, 2023 | Car, Lockouts, Locksmith Services

Discovering your ignition without keys or scrambling for where they could have gone when stranded outside your locked car sparks panic. Before freaking out or attempting to pick your car’s locks, follow this guide to regain access through our mobile services in and around Phoenix when accidentally locking keys inside your car.

Take Stock of Your Situation

First, thoroughly check door pockets, under floor mats, and anywhere a key could have fallen. Verify no secondary sets were left at home or with a family member able to rescue the locked car with keys inside. Roadside networks like AAA provide lockout assistance by dispatching partner locksmiths, so confirm eligibility if you are already a member.

Call Anderson Lock and Safe ASAP

locksmith using lock picks to open car door

When you’ve locked your keys in your car one of the ways our locksmiths can open the door is to use professional lock pick tools to unlock the car door.

If the above options fail to open the locked car doors, call us at 602-842-3481. Our car lockout locksmiths serve all Phoenix metro areas. With over 50 years as the most trusted car locksmith, our team prides itself on giving you help when you need it most and on damage-free lockout service.

Regain Entry Professionally

Upon connecting with our operator, provide the make/model details and exact stranded spot. Veteran locksmiths nearest to you then mobilize equipped with specialized unlock tools to confirm your identity and regain access fast without prying doors or jimmying fragile window seals when locked out of car predicaments strike.

Additional Assistance Offered From Anderson Lock and Safe

Beyond non-destructive emergency unlocking for keys locked in car situations, we also provide these other automotive locksmith services:

  • On-site car key replacement: We can cut new keys and program fobs, remotes, and transponder head keys for most foreign and domestic makes and models and for less than the car dealerships charge.
  • Ignition repair: If there is an issue with your ignition lock where keys are not turning properly to start the vehicle, our technicians can attempt to repair it on-site or may recommend a cylinder replacement.
  • Motorcycle locksmith services: We also cut and program keys, fobs, and remotes for motorcycles and as well as perform ignition repairs.

If issues exist beyond just the driver door lock, our dispatched Phoenix car locksmith technicians have the tools, parts, and expertise to fully diagnose and service a comprehensive range of lock-related problems before departing when locked keys in a car ruin your day.

Guard Against Future Lockouts

While we specialize in rapidly rescuing autos, some simple precautions significantly lower the likelihood of reoccurrence when emergencies like locked keys in a car arise:

  • Invest in duplicate car keys to store securely offsite: Having an extra physical spare makes recovery effortless.
  • Add separate manual keys on all key fobs: Even electronic fob batteries can unexpectedly die. Having a manual backup eliminates that risk.
  • Have keys copied for trusted contacts: Local family or friends may be able to assist faster if they also have working keys.
  • Purchase a slim hide-a-key case: Keep one adhered somewhere discreetly on the vehicle, unbeknownst to potential thieves.

By calling Anderson Lock and Safe 24/7 to unlock your locked car, our strategic coverage and expertise transform headaches into relief. Trust 50+ years of 5-star mobile service for ANY keys locked in a car catastrophe.