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Upgrading Home Security With Smart Locks

by | Dec 15, 2023 | Locksmith Services, Residential

As homes get more innovative, locks are advancing to provide state-of-the-art security, convenience, and connectivity. Smart locks offer homeowners innovative access control and automation integration to take residential security to the next level.

At Anderson Lock and Safe, we specialize in the custom selection, professional installation, and lifetime support of different smart lock types for homes in the Phoenix metro region. Read on to learn how upgrading traditional deadbolts and keyed knobs with advanced smart locks boosts home security without sacrificing peace of mind.

Types of Smart Lock Options

residential smart locks from Kwikset, Yale, and Schlage

Here are a few smart lock options available (top to bottom): Kwikset Halo Touchscreen Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Lock, Yale Assure Lever Smart Lock, and a Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt.

With custom mobile apps, built-in Bluetooth, WiFi, and touchscreen capabilities, today’s leading smart locks provide flexible keyless access options:

  • Keypad Smart Locks: Manually enter a password or PIN code into the built-in keypad to unlock doors.
  • Bluetooth Enabled Smart Locks: Unlock automatically when paired with your smartphone as you approach within Bluetooth range.
  • WiFi Smart Locks: Connect to your home WiFi to remotely unlock and monitor from computers or mobile devices.
  • Digital Touchscreen Smart Locks: Enter a passcode directly onto a flat digital display panel integrated into the lock.

The Best Brands for Residential Use

There are many types and brands of smart locks to choose from including top-rated models from Kwikset, Yale, Schlage, and more. As an authorized dealer of these leading brands, you can trust that we’ll help you choose the perfect smart lock for your specific security needs and budget.

Upgrade Security With Complete Integration

While traditional deadbolts only provide physical protection, today’s smart locks offer auto-locking, customized entry codes, access activity logs, lock/unlock statuses, tamper alerts, and integration with other smart home devices:

  • Keyless Entry and Auto Lock: Remotely lock and unlock from anywhere without keys and ensure that doors automatically lock after a certain period.
  • Virtual Keys and Access Codes: Create unique 4-8 digit codes for family members, visitors, and workers without sharing keys or changing locks.
  • Access Logs and Alerts: Activity trails and instant notifications of who enters the premises and when provide visibility.
  • Home Automation Ecosystem: Pair smart locks with video doorbells, security cameras, lighting, and more for whole-home security.

Professional Installation You Can Trust

Rather than DIY smart lock implementation, partner with a locksmith pro like Anderson Lock & Safe to ensure proper installation and operation. Our Phoenix locksmith technicians will do the following as part of your smart lock installation process:

  • Examine doors and existing hardware
  • Recommend the ideal smart locks for your house and budget
  • Securely mount locks and cover plates
  • Connect wiring and automation integrations
  • Test functionality for flawless remote access
  • Provide usage tutorials for you and other household members

With over 50 years of serving Arizona residential security needs, depend on us for expert smart lock upgrades backed by ongoing support. Invest in convenience, monitoring, and fortified protection with new smart locks installed by Anderson Lock and Safe’s experienced locksmith team.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Anderson Lock and Safe to upgrade your Phoenix home’s access control for the smarter technology era with personalized smart lock solutions.