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Video Surveillance – How Can it Help?

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Access Control

Video surveillance in the workplace is often uncharted territory for businesses. This branch of access control supports high security but boosts concerns about employee privacy. What exactly are the benefits of video surveillance, and how can this apply to my business?

Exterior Business Protection

Loading areas, back alleys, and parking lots can be closely watched with video surveillance. These areas are otherwise not secure, often being overlooked or not given attention. If you operate a restaurant or retail business, this is especially important to have for the protection of merchandise and supplies. This additional coverage of security helps protect both customers and employees when entering or leaving your business. If your employees exit or take out trash in a separate, more concealed area (like an alleyway), this is ideal to have. Cameras are also a great deterrent to loitering as well as crime.

Deterring Theft and Crime

Visible cameras and access control systems immediately deter theft and crime from your business. The more visible the crime, the less likely a burglar will attempt to break in. Video surveillance, for this reason, is essential for businesses like banks or jewelry stores. Additionally, cameras record and document any and all criminal activity; even in a crisis, cameras with any and all evidence.

Internal Security – Employee Activity

In businesses like retail, for example, internal theft is common. In retail, you deal with internal theft and low retention of employees (i.e. seasonal hires). Video surveillance lets you track the activity of all of your employees, including areas like stock rooms.

For businesses aside from retail, cameras are great for resolving internal employee conflict. If there is ever a dispute on what happened in a particular situation, video surveillance will tell all. Additionally, cameras are proven to boost morale and productivity within the workplace. This is because employees know that they are constantly being watched.

Customer & Visitor Screening

In a business where guests are granted access via an administrative staff, employees can view who exactly is in and out at all times. Video surveillance allows them to have an idea of who is coming and going, which is especially important for offices that require sign-ins for guests.

Ready to take the next step toward advanced security?

Video surveillance can be installed and managed by a local security solutions or locksmith company. If you’re located in Arizona, we here at the Anderson family have our own access control team! Anderson Access & Security specializes in video surveillance, card readers, automatic doors, and so much more. If you’re interested in our services, you can schedule with us online or call us today!