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What To Do When Your Car Key Remote Stops Working

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Locksmith Services

Every now and again we come across some type of car inconvenience – sometimes, involving our car keys. Ever walk up to your car, unlock your door using your remote key and the button just doesn’t work? Or maybe you try to pop open your trunk and run into the same issue? Either way, don’t worry! Your key might not need to be entirely replaced. Here are some problems you may run into, and things to consider before contacting your local automotive locksmith.

Internal Contacts, Broken Circuits, Oh My!

If any metal contacts or electronic parts in your car remote key break, it simply won’t work. Repairing the key is definitely possible, but it of course depends on the key. Your best bet is to contact your local automotive locksmith to get another look. If it needs to be replaced entirely, they can do this on the spot!

Programming – It’s Tricky

Your key fob, or the actual remote head on your car key, may have accidentally been reset somehow. All it needs is a re-program, which any locksmith or dealership should be able to do for you. From our personal experience, locksmiths don’t charge much for reprogramming, especially when you already have a working key! This applies even if your remote key is not working.

Batteries. Yes, batteries.

The curse of dead batteries is subject to plague even car keys. Luckily a dead battery for a car key remote is actually the easiest to fix! Replacing a battery is a relatively simple process, it’s just a matter of finding the correct battery for your key fob. Your local locksmith or dealership will have these materials on hand (locksmiths have a lower cost).

Ready to get started?

We 100% recommend reaching out to a locksmith rather than a dealership – we even wrote a blog about the topic. Not all locksmiths specialize in automotive keys, so it’s important to shop around. If your car key works, and it’s just your car key remote, you can find a locksmith with a storefront. Going to a locksmith directly saves on the cost significantly, as you won’t have to pay a service call fee.

If you’re in Arizona, Anderson Lock & Safe covers lock and key maintenance for almost all makes and models of vehicles. We also have a storefront in Phoenix, open 8-5 Monday through Friday. Our automotive techs Tim and Shannon can get you set up with a working key or key fob the day of. To read more about our automotive services, or visit our FAQ, click the hyperlinks!